City of SAIJO
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■ An introduction to Saijo City

On the 1st of November,2004, Saijo City, Toyo City, Tanbara Town and Komatsu Town from Shuso County merged to form the new "Saijo City"

Access to Saijo City

Location of municipal government buildings

Sightseeing information

Mt.Ishizuchi winter color

■ Living in Saijo City
Emergency response and disasters

Fire, Emergency, and other disasters

Crime prevention, traffic accidents
Residency in Japan and procedures

Foreign resident registration

Renewal and extension of a period of stay

Damage or defacement of a certificate
Pregnancy, giving birth and child rearing

Concerning pregnancy

Upon child birth

Child care consultation

List of nurseries

List of kindergartens

List of elementary and junior high schools
Living and housing

Garbage disposal method

Dog registration and rabies vaccinations

Health and medical care

Health centers in Saijo City

Health consultation and education

Medical check ups

■ Facilities information
Leisure facilities
Gymnasium facilities
Cultural centers

■ Enterprises induction
Toyo Industrial Park

Saijo coastal industrial site

Minatoshiinchi site

Hinokuchi site

Funaya site

Hiuchi East site

Hiuchi West site


Saijo City Hall
164 Akeyashiki, Saijo, Ehime, Japan 793-0023
TEL 0897-56-5151(in Japan) / +81-897-56-5151 (from abroad)
FAX 0897-52-1200(in Japan) / +81-897-52-1200 (from abroad)